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shuma looks so cute and nice pumpkins! if shuma gets pinkeye again and if you're still breastfeeding you can use your breastmilk to treat it. The antibodies will soon get his eyes back to normal! (when i was camping this summer (it was a LLL camp) 3 little ones got pinkeye and all their mums treated it with breastmilk and they were all ok again within days. (squirt as often as needed..every hour if it's really bad). Isn't breastmilk amazing!

George Tebresco

I'm trying to reach the writer of this blog but cannot find a way to send a note! I'm new to

the blogosphere...How do I submit a private note?

George Tebresco
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Wow! Shuma's hair is so fair, even in autumn. Maybe you're dying it. Nah! I thought about Hallowe'en costumes this year for a 2-year old and came up with a real retro idea: Tanuki Mario, or Racoon Mario from Super Mario 3. Looks like you had a similar idea. Good one!

Account Deleted

Shuma is always pure cuteness!

Amy, I started to read your blog a long time ago - because of wonderfull food recipes.
But since he was born...cant wait for a new post:)
He is a charming baby, and looking at him makes me being not so scared of having a baby of my own.
Just thinking how much beautifull clothes for babies there are!!:)))))))))))))

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